art, dublin, ireland, monochrome, photography

Networking day three



Harald, ever the cunning tactician, knew that by positioning his stand next to the coffee station he would benefit from an increased passing trade.
He was right.
I saw the other two participants casting a glance in his direction as they were refilling their buckets of coffee (caffeinated stimulation comes in handy when bouncing ideas off each other for days on end).

The key note speech was great, and delivered some interesting findings. It was unanimously decided that the goody-bag should be renamed the post-its and free pen bag.

Now I think that I have a better idea of what it must be like to go on a cruise (I shall wait until my eighties before even considering trying the real thing): you are in a huge, fancy, high tech place that’s impressive but doesn’t feel homely. The food is rather nice but it’s all the queuey-buffety sort of stuff, you meet hundreds of new people at the beginning but very soon it feels like the same old faces over and over again, going round in circles.







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