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The semi shitbag


The last few years have seen the emergence of a new sort of lowlife: the Semi Shitbag.
A citizen halfway between the Certified Scumbag who will leave his/her dog crap on the pier and happily walk away pretending that nothing happened (that ‘nothing’ can be found at regular intervals – every 4th step on average), and the Responsible Dog Owner who has adopted the pick & dispose ethos a long time ago.

The Semi Shitbag actually goes through the effort of bagging (which in itself should be praised and encouraged) but then lets the rest of the pier-walking population down by dropping the result of his/her careful packaging there and then.

I often wonder why.
Why only go half way? Why this tepid inbetweenism?

Be a rebel! Look proudly around you as your four-legged companion drops a load and comment loudly on the shape/smell/quantity of the offering, invite passers-by to admire this beautiful natural phenomenon for themselves and walk away head held up high with a cheery “so long suckaz!”

Or be a decent person. Pick and dispose.

But do not go “yuk, it’s mushy, and it’s warm, and it’s incredibly heavy, and, oh my God, it actually stinks through the bag, and I couldn’t possibly carry this ignominy for another 200 yards to the next bin, I’ll drop it here”.

Because that would make you a Semi Shitbag


6 thoughts on “The semi shitbag

  1. Our dilemma is when our dog does its business at the start of the dodder walk and we know the nearest bin is an hour away. And you weigh it up and go “is anyone looking, is it off the main path”? But yes we usually are responsible! But not always.

    • I should have added the fact that the maximum distance to a bin on the west pier is 200 meters.
      I would not expect you to dry retch for an hour holding a bag of slowly cooling poo 😉

  2. we have the same issues, dirty bastards seem to favour dropping them and making a cluster at the end of my street. if i ever see anyone dropping theirs, god help them…..

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