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Mum is back!

They were happy as a Happy Meal.

They were actually delighted, this picture is part of my ploy to contact McMeuMeuMeu to apply for a refund on the grounds of misleading advertisement (subject line of the email: Happy my arse…)

The anticipation of having Mum back actually made them even more hyper than usual (I know now that there is a notch 13 on the Hyperactivity button…)


We had a nice hour on Bull Island, a place that we have missed since we reluctantly became Southsiders.

And thanks to the ultimate in gadgetry I was able to monitor Mum’s flight just over Marmande and about the fly over Bordeaux while the midgets on acid were destroying a sand dune or two.


They still hadn’t calmed down by the time we got to the airport…

They didn’t just wave at Mum’s plane but all the plane about to touch down at DUB.

The passengers from the German plane below were no doubt worried at the amount of colourful anarchy going on beyond them. A trip to Ireland may indeed turn out to be as chaotic as in their worse fears, or what they assumed to be exaggerated tales of trains that report on-time arrivals if they turn up within 10 minutes of the scheduled time…



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