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Showing off


The kids went to school, on time.
After a healthy breakfast: tea and croissant, shreddies and a home made smoothie of strawberries, bananas, orange and Greek yoghurt.

Mimi was wearing her micro shorts, but I didn’t let her wear the Uggs with them (that was later, to go to Lidl). And her hair was combed and in a plait.

They were picked up on time, and I managed to scare only a few mothers, with the tattoos, and the missing tooth. One of them, unfortunately, I will see again at a big conference next month, I guess I shouldn’t even bother my arse wearing a suit…

They were fed freshly toasted ham and cheese paninis and Finnzy was offered several times the opportunity to go to the toilet before heading off to the kiddies playground with Pepe. He declined to avail of the offer.
Pepe met dozens of school mums he knew. He will survive the ordeal.

I got all the preparation work done for a big tender that will lead to nothing, and I also answered 12,723 moronic queries.
I remembered to feed fresh cucumber to the tadpoles and even sung them songs and changed their water.

I fed the kids and Pepe some delicious home made pizza. And I shared a glass or two of Chianti with Pepe.

The kids were then washed, pyjamaed, night-time storied, cuddled and kissed good night.
The clothes were taken down from the washing line before the evening humidity could annihilate the drying properties of a sunny, rainless Friday.

And I even cleaned Snowy, which lately Mimi could have easily renamed Manky.

But I’m showing off 


2 thoughts on “Showing off

  1. writeejit says:

    Sorry, mate, they don’t hand out medals for this stuff–not even a paycheck. But you do get the satisfaction of happy, well-adjusted children.

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