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Dura lex sed lex


– Boss, boss, did we remember to take some snail-clamps? I see one parked on a double yellow line!
– Do not get overexcited, Donnacha. He is not technically parked on a double yellow line. Not yet. The minute he touches the yellow line, we nab him! 
– You are so clever, boss. No wonder you’re Head of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Clamping operations! 

[Self-satisfied shrug]

– It’s all down to experience, son. I too, as a young clamper, paid the ultimate price for being impetuous. I have seen so many cases overturned in court on a technicality. Now, get the camping chairs and the flask of tea ready, it could be a long wait, but the little bastard will have to touch the yellow line at some stage!


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