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Water? No thanks, I’ll have mine neat…


Sorry, water what? Water charges?! You can fock right off!


Fair play to the residents of Kilbarrack for standing up to the man.

Or in this case to 20 of them. Of the rugged type. With hard hats. And hard attitudes. And JCBs.


Well, you’ve met your match, lads, the ladies are not for budging.


Don’t get me wrong. I may not be 100% being them and agree wholeheartedly with all their arguments.


I learned pretty early in life that there is indeed no such thing as a free meal. Why would there be free water to accompany it? No matter how shite, or old, or leaky the current water distribution is, there is a cost associated to it.

When these two feisty Kilbarrack residents declare that water is a God given gift, they are partially right: the one that falls from the sky indeed is.

And in that respect, the Irish may as well all be God’s long lost children for the unusual levels of generosity He shows in his spraying of this special little island.


Water on the tap though does not come for free. Never will.


The truly worrying thing here is that the distribution of this necessity is handed over to a private company.

Whose first move is to vote fat wage packages to its leadership and myriad of consultants.

There is no doubt that the moral compass of a private company is similar to that of a stag party in Amsterdam. Instant gratification and impunity will appear higher on the agenda than sustainability or morals.


What I know without the shadow of a doubt is that in 10 years’ time we will be paying through our collective noses for a necessity that has been handed over to a private company.


Sure it will be regulated. By some useless overpaid muppets who could not regulate the intake of class A drugs at a 5th birthday party.

The same fockers who allowed my train ticket to go up by 29% in one swift go…


We are in safe hands, so we are…


So fair play to you ladies. You have my support. You are a drop of reaction in a massive holding tank of apathy. May your homeopathic virtues cure the disease in its infancy.


What is needed though is massive dose of antibiotics. And laser surgery. To remove the spongers, and so-called experts, and profiteers of all ranks dining at the free lunch laid out by a bunch of spineless officials.




2 thoughts on “Water? No thanks, I’ll have mine neat…

  1. The CER have an interesting track record. They have never yet turned down a request by Bord Gais or ESB for an increase in charges. Irish Water are going to go the same way. Someone’s gotta pay for those management salaries and pensions…

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