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Out of the woodwork


I was obviously taking the mickey a few days ago when I was deploring the lack of altruists. It actually took me a great deal of effort to manage a shot with only one of these laughable vote-whores in the frame. They’re everywhere. Nineteen to the dozen. Scores of them perched in all visible spots begging for votes.

All fighting each other for a chance to sacrifice their self for the greater good of the community. No wonder you don’t see them the rest of the time. Have you any idea how time-consuming the sacrifice of the self is?!

I can’t help it but for each new election I feel a tad overwhelmed at the sight of all these true heroes up the poles. Puppets… all of those muppets. The power is elsewhere. Above the body politic. Are they not first and foremost kidding themselves?

That democracy gimmick… It is an entertaining and pretty little front. A colourful and amusing minuet, with turns and twirls and bows and changes of partners. All very entertaining.

Don’t get me wrong. I am infinitely glad I was not born and raised in Kinshasa. Where they are experiencing a totally different kind of ‘democracy’. Fear, death and injustice keep the sheep all tight together and docile.

In this neck of the wood, the X Factor and Googlebook have the same effect. Keep the flock numerous, tightly packed, productive and docile.

Look at them… With their smiles and their slogans… They’ll be responsible for making the new Mussolinis palatable to the masses.

And then it will be too late. 



It is already too late… 


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