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Tadpole position


On your marks…

I have a great feeling about the class of 2014.
They are bond to thrive under the watchful eye of Padre Pio (patron saint of tadpoles and mittens manufacturers worldwide).

They are showing a lot of potential already.
First of all, they did not have that shocked look of the tadpole caught in the headlights of an incoming truck when I unloaded them from the boot after the long drive back from Mayo.
For such little creatures, they showed massive amount of resilience after long stretches stuck at 35 mph behind an octogenarian in a Micra.
Those guys were cool as the cucumber they feasted on when we arrived, to congratulate them for their relocation to the east coast.
They may find the accent disconcerting at first.

The kids are excited.
I’m excited because they are excited.

No, let’s be honest, I’d be excited even if they were nonplussed (which they aren’t).

Because tadpoles are brilliant. They top the poll of the easiest to care for, cheeriest, cheapest (!) pets ever.

And I have a feeling that this year, of all years, we will manage to get a frog.



Or a toad.



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