art, dublin, ireland, monochrome, parenting, photography

Home sweet home


Them city kids…
The running in the grass, and playing on the beach, and walking on the edge of cliffs…
It’s all well and good for a few days. But all that sea air, and green grass, and hearty food, it cannot be good for your health, can it?
All fun things are bad for you, roigh?

Had a bracing walk within nostrils’ distance of the Poo factory with the Baudsons.
We mostly talked about tadpole farming best practices.

And Christophe found a football.
And a spare wheel for his trailer.

Then we had home-made pizza, and saucisson and smoked magret de canard.
And Finn bought a bottle of fancy lemonade for the kids with his tenner. And Luca dressed up as a transvestite fairy. And the adults had one glass of red wine each.

And the Baudsons left. With their 12 tadpoles in a jam jar.

And Finn got to keep the football.




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