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Monday reverie


– Will we ever go on a cruise together, you and me? 
– Well, it’s not technically a cruise, it’s… like… the ferry to England, like… 
– Will we get dressed in our fineries and walk down the spiral staircase to the Dining Hall where out seats will be reserved at the Captain’s table? 
– Well, I suppose we could unpack our ham sangwiches on the deck if it’s not raining too much, or if it is lashing go down to the cafeteria and splash out on overpriced congealed beans and cardboard fish. You’ll have to watch your steps on the way down, I once slipped in a pool of vomit on the stairs and did my back in… 
– Will we spend long evenings on the balcony of our Junior Suite watching the sun sink below the horizon, breathing in the cool air of the sea, listening to the gulls escorting our mighty ship? 
– I hope that some muppet doesn’t start his engine early when we get to the other side, just before they open the main door, there’s always one, who doesn’t wait for the signal, and he sets them all off, some carbon monoxide chain reaction of sort. The last time I got to Holyhead I was high on exhaust fumes, I swear to god… 
– I love you
– I love you


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