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The geezer


Today I had a brief chat (not brief enough for her taste) with the only other person in Kilbarrack that I know with a marked interest for geese movements.

A marked interest may be a bit of an understatement. Those geese are her life.
And she guards them jealously

We talked geese a bit (I genuinely love seeing them arrive and always feel a bit sad when they head back to their summer quarters) and asked her if she’d be interested if I were to send her a few shots taken from a non-ornithological point of view.

Her answer was succinct and to the point: “no”.
Put that in your pipe mememe2U old geezer and smoke it. 

I could tell that the conversation was not really going anywhere and that she was fretting she may be missing another geese movement while talking to me (a goose bowel movement even, that’s how highly she rated my non-ornithological chat).

So I wrapped up with two questions that have always somehow been at the back of my mind:
– had she ever noticed a correlation between the stay of the Brent geese and the crispy duck special in the Fortune Cookie, the local Chinese takeaway 
– would she know how many geese are needed to make a decent 30 tog winter duvet (king size)








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