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Biscuit aisle Sandinista


Gerry and I have momentarily pooled our resources together to put a stop to Tesco’s attempt at taking over the world.

He by being the ultimate rebel*
Me by ignoring a previous ban on photographs inside Tesco Bloomsfield** 

So there you go Mr Tesco, up yours!

As a symbolical gesture, Gerry burned a Tesco Loyalty Card application form in front of the Al Jazeera camera crew specialising in highly media-friendly gatherings of excited people burning things and shooting kalashnikovs in the air (not easy to assemble such a crew in down town Dun Laoghaire…)  

And I demanded to have the advertised EUR0.01 refunded on my bill for bringing a reusable bag (I was the first person ever to avail of this shameless “green” self-promotion by Tesco and the cashier had to call her manager. I held up the queue for 12 minutes and dealt a serious blow to this figurehead of capitalist greed). 

* He does not have a computer, no e-mail account and no mobile phone. Respect Gerry! (I will post out the print, I’m a man of my word) 
** on a no-inspiration-Tuesday-morning when I thought that I would do a Full of Beans shot by photographing stacks of Bachelors’ Beans tins. I know, ground-breaking… 


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