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Friday is the new Tuesday


The sun shone again today.
For a while.
Even in Kilbarrack. Again. 

It may even have shone after 10 AM.
Maybe even in Kilbarrack. 
But I wouldn’t have known.
I was in full Mistake Factory immersion mode until dark. 
With only one setting: EXTREME END-OF-THE-WORLD PANIC. Each with an extreme end-of-the-world panic more urgently demanding immediate attention than the other’s apocalyptic panic. 

I think I have finally sussed that Bank Holiday malarkey.
Bank holidays are inconvenient. Obviously.
Because they happen to be a not-quite-worked day (it is less tasteful to mention “day off” or “holiday” in an email than to type something along the lines of “I’d love to see your goolies hanging off a length razor wire”) 
In this 24/7/365/faster/cheaper/better word of hours, it doesn’t quite fit. 

I most definitely paid the price when I opened my Pandora’s Inbox on Tuesday morning. 
I had a strong feeling that it was going to be a shite week. 

Somehow, it doesn’t always feel good to be right.


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