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Delectable Boudoir Attire



If D.B.A. is toward the top of your shopping list, below sliced pan but above Frubes for the kiddies’ lunch box, look no further.

I have found the perfect place ( for all your delectable boudoir attire needs. 

I have walked past Honeytrap a couple of times (not in search of lingerie by the way, the expression ‘au naturel’ was coined for Mrs mememe2U – and I am not saying that because I am an incorrigible cheapskate) and on other occasions I didn’t have the courage to ask the lady with eye patch if I could photograph her through her shop window. 

I plucked the courage to ask today. 

Thank you Melissa. 

I love Dun Laoghaire. It really has it all. What contrast between yesterday’s and today’s shot. 

I have the DBA. Now… to find the delectable boudoir in which to wear it. There is a DIY job on the cards for the garden shed…



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